The Ryan Good Collection

Introducing the newest addition to the Ryan Good Collection, The Cable. Inspired by Ryan, this collection is classic and made with soft cable knit, and a genuine leather woven label.


Ryan got his start the same way many of us have – working as an assistant to Usher. Ryan will tell you himself, he wasn’t that good at being an assistant but he always had a sense of style and a personality that stood out. He became fashionable in Usher’s eyes and when Justin Bieber appeared on the radar, Usher figured Ryan was the perfect fit to go on the road with the kid to teach him how to grow up real quick. From road manager to stylist and unofficial “Swagger Coach” Ryan played big brother to Justin all through his rise to fame. After multiple world tours and a couple movies with Justin, Ryan began to work on new projects such as producing the show Punk’d. Currently, Ryan is working on multiple TV shows along with being sought after on a daily basis for fashion advice from some of the fastest rising stars in music.






The Jack Barakat Collection

Introducing The Jack Barakat Collection! We are proud to announce that we are launching Jack Barakat’s signature beanie that is sold exclusively on yeanice.comJack_BlogImage2Inspired by Barakat, This collection is classic and edgy. Made with 100% acrylic and finished with an extra soft 100 denier woven label that features Jack’s signature logo. Jack used our classic legend silhouette and his signature colors to finish the beanie.Jack_BlogImage1Jack Barakat has quickly become one of the most well known names in the music industry. The pop punk guitarist released three consecutive top five U.S. Alternative albums with All Time Low between 2009 and 2012. The band is getting ready to start recording the seventh studio album in a couple of months.  If you’ve ever seen Jack play, you know a beanie is almost always either on his head or in his back pocket.  We took his signature logo and added a little bit of flair to our most popular Legend beanie.Jack_BlogImage3



On December 4th, 2015, Yea.Nice held its first Beanies4Life donation event in Los Angeles, CA. Beanise4Life is a program that was launched by Yea.Nice IN 2014, for every purchase made on and in select retailers a polar fleece lined beanie is donated to homeless shelters nation-wide during the cold winter months.

Yea.Nice, along with major retail partner Tillys, teamed up to close down one full city block on Downtown Los Angeles’ Skid Row homeless community on Friday. Underwear brand Ethika and fast food giant Wienerschnitzel also reached out to support the event. When the event started, over 1,500 homeless people made their way down the street, stopping at each booth to receive product from the brands. At the end, Wienerschnitzel was setup to cook hot dogs and donate waters to everyone as well. There was a mobile medical unit on site to offer medical attention to anyone in need and finally this event wouldn’t have been possible without the support and help of LA’s very own homeless shelter Dream Center.







“When we launched Yea.Nice our 1-for-1 program had one simple goal, which was to improve the quality of people’s lives for those in need. Today’s Beanies4Life event brought our program to life by being able to interact directly with the homeless community and offer adequate clothing, food, water and basic medical care. For us, Yea.Nice is more than just a beanie and events like this are proof of that. We thank all of our event partners and volunteers for making this day so special.” – Josh Sherman (President & Co-founder)





The event brought out multiple ambassadors from the brand including fashion tastemaker Ryan Good, Jack Barakat from the band All Time Low, TV personality Luke “Dingo” Trembeth, and the face of the Beanies For Life program, motivational speaker and philanthropist Mike Smith.




This was the first of many future Beanies4Life donations that will take place in Los Angeles and around the country.

To learn more visit:


The Sage Erickson Collection

Introducing The Sage Erickson Collection! We are proud to announce that we are launching Sage Erickson’s signature beanie that is sold exclusively on Inspired by Sage, This collection is earthy and soft. Made with soft knit fabric, and a classic pom look.Sage_BlogImage1Sage Erickson is one of the biggest names in surfing today. Since qualifying for the World Surf League tour, which pits her against the best female surfers on the planet, Sage has been turning heads with her ability to navigate savage breaks with style.Sage_BlogImage3

The Kellin Quinn Collection

Introducing The Kellin Quinn Collection! We are proud to announce that we are launching Kellin Quinn’s signature beanie that is sold exclusively on Inspired by Kellin, This Collection is sold in two different styles, The Kellin Quinn Fold and The Kellin Quinn Slouch. Both are made with 100% acrylic, it was spun with a cashmere hand and is finished with an extra soft 100 denier woven label. Kellin was the inspiration behind the pins, he removed all logos and wanted detachable pins on each style.Quinn_BlogImage2Kellin Quinn has quickly become one of the most well known names in the music industry. The versatile lead vocalist of the post-hardcore rock band Sleeping with Sirens also has a clothing line called Anthem Made and is currently on tour with Jack Barakat.Quinn_BlogImage3


Yea.Nice is proud to introduce Youth Beanies! Browse our selection of youth and newborn beanies that are sold exclusively on by our original collection, the youth beanies are offered in two different sizes, Toddler (1-3 yrs) and Newborn (0-1 yrs). Made with 100% acrylic and finished with an extra soft 100 denier woven label.BlogImages_Youth2Since launching Yea.Nice 5 years ago many of our friends are now having kids. When we go snowboard together it’s not uncommon to see our friend bring his 2 year old with us and we started to say, wouldn’t it be cool if your kid could wear the same Yea.Nice beanie as mom or dad? That was the origin of creating youth beanies. We spent time dialing the fit and feel of every youth beanie, then we ordered them away for free to our friends with toddlers and new borns to test them. Now for the first time we’re releasing a limited collection of youth beanies and we’re very proud.” -Josh Sherman (Yea.Nice President & Co-Founder)BlogImages_Youth3

Boo Johnson’s Signature Beanie

Introducing… The BOO-J Beanie! We are proud to announce that we are launching Boo Johnson’s signature beanie that is sold exclusively on Inspired by Boo, this beanie is 8″ tall and has a 2.5″ fold. Made with 100% acrylic, it was spun with a cashmere hand and is finished with an extra soft 100 denier woven label.Boo JohnsonIt also features a hidden joint holder on the inside fold inspired by Boo. Boo JohnsonBoo Johnson’s skating speaks for itself — he has one of the best styles in skateboarding and his hard work, raw talent, and lighthearted personality has easily made him one of the most recognizable skaters in the industry. At 22 years old, the Goofy skater has truly made a name for himself.Boo Johnson

El Niño – Prepare for the Snow


Fall is here, and that means the cooler weather is about to set in. However, this year is going to be different. Meteorologists predict this year’s El Niño, Spanish for “little boy,” can bring a record amount of rainfall. According to, El Niño is a climate cycle in the Pacific Ocean with a global impact on weather patterns. The cycle begins when warm water in the western tropical Pacific Ocean shifts eastward along the equator toward the coast of South America. Normally, this warm water pools near Indonesia and the Philippines. During an El Niño, the Pacific’s warmest surface waters sit offshore of northwestern South America. In other words, winds blow from east to west across the Pacific Ocean and push the warm ocean waters towards the western end of the ocean. During El Niño, those winds slow down, causing the colder water from ocean depths to stop rising to the surface. The absence of the colder water causes temperatures across the Pacific to rise, resulting in the phenomenon of El Niño.



What does that mean for the U.S.? If meteorologists are correct about this year’s El Niño, we can expect an unusual amount of rainfall along the west coast, as well as the southeast region of America. With heavy rainfall comes heavy snowfall. El Niño usually brings colder than usual winters to the west coast, but don’t worry. Yea.Nice has you covered! We’ve prepared for the colder weather ahead, and we’ve stocked up on inventory. We have beanies made of acrylic, cashmere, wool, and other blends of fabric that will help you battle the cold. Feel free to visit our website to grab a beanie that will keep you warm this winter.

Interview – The Hundreds x Yea.Nice


Why is it called Yea.Nice?

“JS: I realized the phrase was a unique way of expressing excitement, happiness, approval, and pride. It was two words that, when combined, meant a lot more than you’d think. There’s no other name like it. I emailed the name to JJ and he loved it.”   – The Hundreds



Yea.Nice was just featured in an article from a leader in the apparel industry – The Hundreds. The Hundreds visited Yea.Nice headquarters to do an interview with the company founders Josh Sherman and JJ Thomas. Here’s what they had to say.





Over 12 months ago, the Yea.Nice owners flew to our beanie factory to begin developing new styles. This process takes months of development as we customize every component of a beanie when we create a new style. From the shape, the fabric, the label, the darts, the ribbing, and more, every detail matters, which is why we feel we make the highest quality beanies. This year, we developed 4 new styles: the Drysdale, the Louie, the Czar, and the Cable. Each style was created under the guidelines of building a timeless and classy silhouette. We hope you enjoy these new styles as they join our family of products.


The Drysdale

Geared towards men, the Drysdale is 60% wool, 30% viscos and 10% nylon. It is a shorter beanie that stands at 7” tall with 1 by 1 ribbing. This is one of our favorite styles in-house and comes in 4 colors featured below.



The Czar

Geared towards women, the Czar is 60% wool, 30% viscos and 10% nylon. This 9″ shorter slouch style beanie is lightweight with a unique ribbing on the bottom and comes in 3 colors below.



The Louie

Made of 60% wool, 30% viscos and 10% nylon, the Louie features a two-tone color and an extra tall cuff. We used our flag label for branding, which is small and blends in with the beanie. The Louie is offered in 3 colors below.



The Cable

The Cable was inspired by our advocate Ryan Good. This beanie is 7” tall and can be worn for the “above the ear” look, or it can easily cover the ears if pulled down. It has classic cable ribbing and a 1 by 1 cuff ribbing giving the entire beanie a timeless look. It also has a genuine leather embossed label and will be available in very limited units.



Each beanie above is a great gift for someone or a perfect beanie for yourself, and with summer coming to an end and fall around the corner, it’s about time to jump in. Also, for each purchase made off of our website, we will donate a beanie to a homeless shelter partner of ours. So enjoy our new beanie styles, and spread the warmth this winter.