Times Square With Stalley

Yea.Nice advocate Stalley, joined us in Times Square this past weekend at the Lids store.  We spent the afternoon listening to his new album Ohio, while he met with fans, signed posters and took endless amounts of photos.

People started lining up two hours before the event began, and the first fifty people through the door all received signed albums by Stalley and beanies from us. Everyone who showed up was a true fan, and they were all hyped to get the chance to meet Stalley in person and ask him questions about his life and passion for music.  Some people drove for four hours just to get there and meet him. Stalley did not disappoint. He took the time to sign everyone’s gear and take pictures with every last person who wanted one. Thanks to everyone who showed up and a special thank you to all the employees at Lids for the help on this amazing event.


Waiting for the doors to open.


The line outside.


Inside looking out.


Stalley with some fans.


Signing autographs has become a regular occurrence as of lately for Stalley.


A look at the posters we made for the event.


Stalley with the Lids employees .


Free beanies for the first 50 people in the door.

To, out get Sea. These gymnastic