Reports says an estimated 643,067 people experience homelessness in the U.S. Death linked to freezing temperatures soared to 30% to 31,000 last winter. The homeless population is at a greatly increased risk for hypothermia and other cold related conditions. This risk is ever higher for those who suffer from mental illness or other physical illnesses. Even if they do not die from these conditions, their risk of death from future unrelated conditions is greatly increased.

Beanies are crucial to survival, with up to 50% of a person’s body heat lost through an uncovered head.

Yea.Nice has reached out and developed a polar fleece lined 100% acrylic beanie to help fight against freezing temperatures and hypothermia. For every single beanie purchased on-line Yea.Nice will donate a beanie to help give our fellow Americans a fighting chance during more than difficult times. This ONE for ONE Beanies 4 Life program allows Yea.Nice to personally search out and deliver warmth and hope to the nations most troubled areas, insuring that the people and families in need can live to fight another day. The Beanies 4 Life black folded beanie has a trademark patch with the color blue, this color represents hope.


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