Evan Rossell Signature Beanie

Official Release:
We are proud to release 100 units of Evan Rossells signature beanie exclusively on Yea.Nice’s website! Evan had been experimenting with different watercolors and wanted to create a patch that looked like watercolor, almost like a piece of canvas painted and then sewn onto a beanie. We stitched his patch onto our tubular thermal knit Fold that totes his signature hangtag and comes with a postcard of Evan. Evan Rossell is an artist based out of Costa Mesa, CA and is better known for his signature monster that he calls “Stink”. His art has been featured in magazines such as Blisss and has had collaborations with brands such as RVCA, Levi’s, Hurley, and more famous collaborations being his Nike shoe called the “Stinkween” and his signature line of Burton Snowboards. This Friday we will release his first signature beanie with Yea.Nice and we couldn’t be more excited to share his work and limited beanie with you.

It’s A Nice Life:
The “It’s A Nice Life” text featured on Evans beanie is part of our campaign that embraces the simple feeling you get when you see someone on a road trip with best friends enjoying the moment, the thought that going to the beach and sipping a beer is at the end of the day what we all can relate to. Because at it’s simplest form, those are the moments that remind us that it truly is a nice life, and it’s days like that, that we all live for.

Evan gave 10 packages of his signature beanie to his inner circle, where we printed off his artwork and he hand sewed the paper together to create custom packaging for each beanie. Then we heat sealed wax each envelope with his Evan Rossell postcard inside for one very curated and artistic piece. We will be giving one away after the launch of his beanie to someone on his instagram.

Evan at his favorite donut shop around the corner from his Costa Mesa, CA home.

Evan getting his hands on the finished product.

Evan’s signature beanie from all 3 angles, showcasing the tubular construction and thermal knit ribbing.

The stamp of approval for this one of a kind beanie.




Evans signature headphone that he recently did with Skullcandy featuring the same “hairy” pattern artwork in yellow.tumblr_nc5pujET2N1qajbeco1_r1_1280

Watch this video to learn more about Evan, it will inspire you!

Nothing Stops Detroit – Evan Rossell from Riley Blakeway on Vimeo.

Click the expand button or press play (if on mobile) to go to full screen.

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