Agenda Long Beach

2015 kicked off with Agenda Trade Show opening its doors early on Monday morning. This was our fourth year showing at Agenda and we always look forward to this show. Agenda is a great place to see friends, network and check out new lines from some of the best brands in the industry.

We were eager to showcase our new products that we’ve been working on for the last few months. Once the show opened up people started showing up immediately, and the response was just what we were hoping for. Friends, buyers and advocates filtered through checking out the new beanies and trying them on instantly. Everyone was excited to see new styles and color ways. People seemed to gravitate to our new Premium Line that is all cashmere. The positive feedback on the line as a whole was very gratifying after spending countless hours going over the smallest of details on all of the beanies.


Booth A16.


Signature beanies. The Good Roll, Mike Smith, Evan Rossell.


The Pom Beanies.


Josh Sherman showing the line to a buyer.


Ryan Good and Mitchell Bailey.


John Schild in a meeting with Amnesia.


Bryan Williams.


Matt Cook and Danny Evans.


Sneak peek at some new beanies.


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