The Trapper – A Yea.Nice Exclusive

Inspired by mountain living, The Trapper is the newest addition to our line that we are releasing in limited quantities tomorrow at 10am PST on our site. This hat comes equipped with everything you need to stay warm and look stylish in cold temperatures. The Trapper measures in at eleven inches in length and is a one size fits all piece.  It is available in black and white, so no matter what your taste or style is we guarantee that this hat will instantly become one of your favorites. You can also wear this piece with the flaps down, or you can put the flaps up and buckle it at the top to get that beanie feel but with a totally different look.


The material used is 100% wool melton with faux fur on the top and on the inside of the ear flaps. Warning: we found out during the testing of this hat that you will receive an ample amount of compliments and questions while wearing it in public, so be prepared to chat if you drop in on this item.


Zack Black, flaps down at Sundance Film Fest


Three different looks at the The Trapper.


Zack Black and Beth Anne wearing Trappers at Sundance Film Festival a few weeks ago.


Three different views of the The Trapper in White.


JJ Thomas checking the view.


A few of our favorite things.

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