Mike Smith

Where is Mike Smith?

If you don’t know Mike Smith, ask anyone who does and you’ll probably get the same response. He’s a rad dude that refers to himself as “professional teenager.” Skater, philanthropist, and entrepreneur, Mike spends his time traveling and speaking at high schools, colleges, and businesses all across North America. If you ever had the chance to hear Mike speak, you know that his message revolves around kindness, generosity, and giving back to your school and your community. His words not only tend to touch the lives of students, but also the lives of teachers, faculty, and all those who have the opportunity to hear his message.


Hot dogs, hot dogs, and more hot dogs…

This year, Mike and his organization, Skate for Change, partnered with J.R. Galardi of Wienerschnitzel and started the Hot Dogs for Homeless Tour. In this month-long expedition, Mike and J.R. had two goals – give as many hot dogs to the homeless as possible, and show people how easy it is to give back to their community. Through the efforts of both organizations, all those who donated, and the generosity of J.R. and Wienerschnitzel, the Hot Dogs for Homeless Tour was able to reach their goal of $200,000!



For the last three years, Mike has been touring and speaking non-stop all around the country. While he’s taken short breaks here and there, none compared to a real vacation. That all changed this past Christmas, when Mike surprised his wife, Amber, with plane tickets to Europe. Last month, Mike and Amber explored Europe and visited countries including the Netherlands, France, and Italy. After three years with no vacation, we think it’s safe to say Mike and Amber thoroughly enjoyed the well-deserved hiatus!

The Harbor

The Harbor

In addition to Mike’s speaking engagements, he uses other outlets to get his message out. One of the biggest projects Mike is currently working on is his show, The Harbor. The Harbor showcases real people with real lessons that inspire and challenge students to think about the character they are developing, both during and after high school. This summer, Mike is working on filming brand new episodes for season two with his partners at Jostens and their Renaissance Education department. Thanks to Jostens distribution platform, The Harbor will be accessible to over 17,000 high schools all across North America. Keep an eye out for season two and episodes that feature the likes of J.R. Galardi, actor/musician Quincy Brown, and professional skateboarder Ryan Sheckler!

– J.A.

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