Over 12 months ago, the Yea.Nice owners flew to our beanie factory to begin developing new styles. This process takes months of development as we customize every component of a beanie when we create a new style. From the shape, the fabric, the label, the darts, the ribbing, and more, every detail matters, which is why we feel we make the highest quality beanies. This year, we developed 4 new styles: the Drysdale, the Louie, the Czar, and the Cable. Each style was created under the guidelines of building a timeless and classy silhouette. We hope you enjoy these new styles as they join our family of products.


The Drysdale

Geared towards men, the Drysdale is 60% wool, 30% viscos and 10% nylon. It is a shorter beanie that stands at 7” tall with 1 by 1 ribbing. This is one of our favorite styles in-house and comes in 4 colors featured below.



The Czar

Geared towards women, the Czar is 60% wool, 30% viscos and 10% nylon. This 9″ shorter slouch style beanie is lightweight with a unique ribbing on the bottom and comes in 3 colors below.



The Louie

Made of 60% wool, 30% viscos and 10% nylon, the Louie features a two-tone color and an extra tall cuff. We used our flag label for branding, which is small and blends in with the beanie. The Louie is offered in 3 colors below.



The Cable

The Cable was inspired by our advocate Ryan Good. This beanie is 7” tall and can be worn for the “above the ear” look, or it can easily cover the ears if pulled down. It has classic cable ribbing and a 1 by 1 cuff ribbing giving the entire beanie a timeless look. It also has a genuine leather embossed label and will be available in very limited units.



Each beanie above is a great gift for someone or a perfect beanie for yourself, and with summer coming to an end and fall around the corner, it’s about time to jump in. Also, for each purchase made off of our website, we will donate a beanie to a homeless shelter partner of ours. So enjoy our new beanie styles, and spread the warmth this winter.

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