Q & A – Get to Know Ryan Good


Children in this generation are accustomed to spending time playing video games, exploring social media, and diving into modern technology. As a child, what were your favorite things to do? 

“Baseball was my first love. Always. I was a sports kid. Classic sandlot style cul de sec crew member. We’d play in the street until our moms called us in. Kids these days seem to be missing this. Those were some good times. I was also a chess player. Haha. No lie.”



Now that you’re working on producing different TV shows, describe the transition from fashion to TV.  Do you still have any sort of role as a stylist?

“The transition isn’t anything massive in terms of taste. Only logistically. In all facets of life, things have to do with taste and it’s all a relative opinion. Creating is creating.  I definitely consult and style. It’s something that has come naturally to me over the years so I’d never turn my back on such a blatant gift. I’m blessed to have been able to accomplish the things I have in that realm and I’ll continue to work when inspired.”

People often refer to you as the “Swagger Coach.” How did you get that nickname, and who are some of the people you have had a style influence on over the years?

“I honestly think it was Usher who dubbed me that in referring to what he’d imagined me to be. Haha. He’s always been a huge style influence of mine. Always. Nobody better than him. Chad Muska was also always an huge inspiration to me in terms of personal style, etc. He set a lotta trends.”



 What would you say are qualities about yourself that not too many people know? 

“I think what I’d like people to know, if they don’t, is my commitment to building real and authentic community in Los Angeles. Some friends and I started a church in Beverly Hills, and it continues to be the most important thing I have going. I want to help people. I’ve been impacted by God’s love, so I want to help facilitate and communicate that to others. I’m a blessed dude. Big time.”



Working with Yea.Nice, you have your own signature beanie, The Good Roll. What were the ideas/inspirations that led you to create The Good Roll?

“Simply. I just love slouchy beanies. And I wanted one I could wear year round.”

As on of Yea.Nice’s advocates, how have you seen the company grow since you joined the brand, and where would you like to see Yea.Nice in the future?

The brand that Josh and JJ built is super unique. I continue to be inspired by everything that Yea.Nice is doing. From the Beanies4Life campaign to the innovative, fashion forward designs, the brand continues to move. I’m positive that Yea. Nice will continue to forge on providing great product that people love while inspiring people and helping others.

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