Mike Smith Signature Collection

We are proud to announce that tomorrow at 10:00am PST we will release 50 units as a “soft launch” of Mike Smith’s signature collection. It features Mike’s “Skate For Change” logo patch on the front with 1 by 1 ribbing. Mike is the founder & CEO of two non-profits called “The Bay” and “Skate For Change”; SFC focuses on empowering skateboarders to skate around their communities supplied with food, water, socks, and beanies to give out to the homeless and has over 50 branches set up nationally with over 10,000 kids that have been a part of SFC. Arguably the most in demand youth speaker in the United States, Mike motivates people by traveling around the country to talk to kids about giving back and how easy it is to be a good person. Mike is also the face of Beanies4Life, which is a program Yea.Nice created to make a difference in the lives of the homeless around the country that are fighting life threatening conditions.

When Mike first got onboard with Yea.Nice he mentioned his favorite beanie was our Pom, so that style became the foundation for his beanie when we discussed doing a signature collection with him. Below you can see the one color way (of four total) that we’ll be releasing tomorrow.

Here’s a couple words from Mike Smith: “I support brands that give back and have a higher purpose, brands that do more then just sell a product and for me Yea.Nice is a company that does just that, because it’s more then just a beanie. It’s an opportunity to help someone, it’s a chance to buy a product you like and to help others in need. I’m proud of this beanie from the quality, fit, look, and for what happens after you purchase it.” – Mike Smith.

You can join an existing branch of Skate For Change or go create a new one to make a difference in your community. Click this link to go to their website and learn more: Skate For Change


An uptight shot of Mike’s signature beanie and the SFC logo.


From the front to the side this beanie keeps your head warm and styled.


The limited release of one color way of Mike Smiths signature beanie


Mike Smith in the “Beanies4Life” beanie that gets donated to a homeless shelter every time you make a purchase on yeanice.com


Mike helping out the homeless in his hometown.


Skateboarding is one of Mike’s favorite things to do when not speaking or helping someone in need.


Mike in his home state of Nebraska repping his Skate For Change hoody and Yea.Nice beanie


Welcome Boo Johnson

Boo is a young California native who now resides in Long Beach, CA. He has been on the come up for quite awhile now in the skate scene. Boo has pop and style like no other and we are excited to have him on the team with our two other Long Beach skaters, Josh Gomez and Mikey Haywood. Boo’s skill speaks for itself and he’s already becoming a household name in skateboarding. Boo’s laid back style and whole hearted desire to help others made him a perfect fit for our team and the Beanies4Life program.


photo: Julien Lachassee

October In The Rockies

The first snow fall of the season always gets us excited for what’s about to come. Yea.Nice’s very own Ryan Wachendorfer who lives in Eagle County, Co woke up two days ago to snow capped peaks. Ryan couldn’t help the urge but to get up into the freshly fallen white stuff. He called his friend and within the hour the two of them were heading up Beaver Creek resort in Ryan’s Jeep.


Its October 1 and the snow is already stacking up in the high country of Colorado.


Eagle county, Co.


Hopefully this is a good sign of what lies ahead this winter.


The man behind the mission.

HDHR At Bear Mountain

Hot Dogs And Hand Rails started as a small event about 8 years ago, and has now transformed into a massive season kick off party at Bear Mountain, Ca. Thousands of people come out to watch some of the biggest pros in the sport battle it out on the urban features that Bear Mtn. sets up. The pros do not hold back at all. With 10k on the line for the winner and thousand more for “best trick” and other awards they take this early season set up seriously. Who wouldn’t want to start the season off with a few thousands dollar in their pocket.

This year Bear Mtn out did themselves with two massive street set ups. They had wall rides, handrails and even a small jump for these guys to showcase their skills. The weather cooperated and the cool temps made it feel like a normal day of snowboarding in Southern Cal.

ynpoleA good look at the venue from the patio at Bear Mtn. resort.

blipsFrontside board slide by our friend Scotty Vine.

johnlakeplacidJohn Schild’s first time to Big Bear.

chairliftFingers crossed that these hills will soon be covered in snow.

blackgirlBig Bear local spotted wearing our new Legend beanie.

snowTons of snow was shipped in for the 11th annual HDHR event, and it turned out to be colder than anticipated, so there was more than they knew what to do with.

islandScenic pit stop of Big Bear Lake.

bluebigbearA great ending to another successful HDHR event. Next time we come back it will be when the real snow starts falling.

Dirt Roads With SOF

Jeff and Kelly from SouthOfFrance music group have been very busy working on their highly anticipated second album. After spending a solid month locked in the studio, Jeff Cormack the lead singer, decided it was time to get out and do a little adventuring. Jeff did some research and decided to take on the grueling dirt roads of the Colorado High Country.  They attempted to drive from Denver all the way to Durango, but they didn’t want to touch pavement the whole time. Normally the drive from Denver to Durango is about 7-8 hours but when you go on dirt roads that have cliffs on each side and sometimes un passable boulders, the drive gets a lot longer.

Jeff and Kelly and their two dogs drove through the day negotiating the roads.  Jeff said most days they wouldn’t see another vehicle or human for up to 5 hours at a time. After driving for as long as they could they would stop and set up camp, and review maps for the next day. Although they didn’t make it all the way to Durango they did make it to Red Mtn. pass and it took them about a week. Jeff learned a lot and is determined to return next year to conquer the roads all the way to Durango.


The Vintage Range Rover.


An understatement.


Jeff’s favorite beanie and film camera that he documented the trip with.


Jeff capturing the moment.


Above tree line with a view.


Fall foliage is in full effect in Colorado right now.


Jeff celebrating his birthday at this epic location.



Quebec City With LNP


Laurent’s skate shop Boutique Du Skate in downtown Quebec is a must see if in the city.


A typical day at work for LNP, minus Quang taking photos of his every move.


The man, the myth, the legend, Laurent-Nicolas Paquin in his hometown.

Agenda Show Day 1


Booth B4 all set up and ready for the week.


West 49th meeting with John and Josh.


The crew


Savage from LA wearing the Fold beanie.


Spiff and Josh


The Iconic patch pattern beanie.


Day 1 in the books.

Ryan Good Office Visit

Ryan drove down from LA to check out our new space, and do some product review for his signature piece that is currently in the works.


Ryan was digging the look, fit and feel of our new Pom beanies.


Our new display and the man himself.


Danny Evans, Josh Sherman and Ryan Good in the showroom.



Josh and Ryan working out the details for Ryans signature beanie that should be dropping on our site this fall. Stay tuned because it looks insane so far.