Yea.Nice at Mt. Hood


The Merrill Mini Pipe invitational was all the talk this week up at High Cascade Snowboard Camp. The list of competitors ranged from  old legends to young up and comers.


Shane Flood is a longtime YN Advocate. He was a crowd favorite in the contest.


Matt Ladley was up there breaking in his ankle after surgery this Spring. By the looks of this Euro carve I think Matt is well on his way to a full recovery and another banner season.


Russell Winfield in his new one off Hollaclava. We will be releasing these this Holiday season.


Scotty Blum the hand plant master with his own one off camo Hollaclava.


Josh Sherman throwing slush buckets on a women’s demo board.


Cody Warble and Red Gerrard in their new Hollaclavas. Red finished second in the event with one of the most stylish runs of the day.


The road to Windells to check the skate park and say hello to  our friend Tim Windell.


The skate set up at Windells is insane, and rumor has it that there are plans to expand.


Josh Sherman in the woods during one of our many product shots.


Folded Beanies.


JJ on the job with the Fuji in hand.



Beanies4Life donates beanies

Beanies4Life has officially launched. Founders, Josh Sherman and JJ Thomas visited the Union homeless shelter with the first ever Beanies4Life donations.


After driving through downtown Seattle it was evident  that the city has a large population of homeless people. The Union Shelter in Seattle has been opening its doors to people in need for 35 years.


We were happy to be kicking off the program, but at the same time we were a little nervous and we weren’t sure what to expect.  All of that changed the minute when we walked  in the door and met the staff of the Union Shelter. They were some of the kindest people we have ever met.


The staffs gratefulness and attitude of appreciation was mind blowing, and really changed our day for the better.


50 beanies with a polar fleece lining are now in the good hands of our friends at The Union Shelter.


Our friend Rhonda said she had goosebumps from our donation of beanies. They will be handing out the beanies to those in need every day.


To help and learn more about the Beanies4Life program clink the Beanies4Life link on our homepage.

Agenda Show Long Beach CA

Booth B13 was where we spent our time showing our new line to buyers and friends. We’ve worked hard the last few months on our new beanies to ensure quality and durability. We have accomplished our mission of providing the industry with the world’s best feeling and looking beanies, and this was our time to showcase what we have been working on.


Pictured above is one of the new patch pattern beanies available Fall ’14


Our new folded beanies with a tubular thermal knit, and the new 100 denier woven labels.


Here’s a sneak peek of the “Hollaclava” that will be available this fall. It is a one of a kind item that we have been working on for months to get the perfect fit and function. After countless tries we have finally found the recipe that satisfies us.


Josh Sherman the co-founder and head of our sales team seen here with our good friends from West 49 and Amnesia shops in Canada. (Be sure to check out their stores)

Thanks for visiting the blog and keep checking back in as this will be the “secret spot” where we show sneak peeks of new products and give you guys a real behind the scene look at what goes on here at Yea.Nice!


Reports says an estimated 643,067 people experience homelessness in the U.S. Death linked to freezing temperatures soared to 30% to 31,000 last winter. The homeless population is at a greatly increased risk for hypothermia and other cold related conditions. This risk is ever higher for those who suffer from mental illness or other physical illnesses. Even if they do not die from these conditions, their risk of death from future unrelated conditions is greatly increased.

Beanies are crucial to survival, with up to 50% of a person’s body heat lost through an uncovered head.

Yea.Nice has reached out and developed a polar fleece lined 100% acrylic beanie to help fight against freezing temperatures and hypothermia. For every single beanie purchased on-line Yea.Nice will donate a beanie to help give our fellow Americans a fighting chance during more than difficult times. This ONE for ONE Beanies 4 Life program allows Yea.Nice to personally search out and deliver warmth and hope to the nations most troubled areas, insuring that the people and families in need can live to fight another day. The Beanies 4 Life black folded beanie has a trademark patch with the color blue, this color represents hope.